Augmented Reality Smart Promos

  • Ar Smart Tile

    AR Smart Tile

  • AR Smart Diamond

    AR Smart Diamond

  • AR Smart Eclipse Circular

    AR Smart Eclipse Circular

  • AR Smart Orbit

    AR Smart Orbit

  • AR Smart Rubiks Cube

    AR Smart Rubiks Cube

  • AR Smart Rubiks Pen Holder

    AR Smart Rubiks Pen Holder

  • AR Smart Square

    AR Smart Square

  • AR Smart Triangle

    AR Smart Triangle

More unique designs available!

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time thus creating a digital interactive experience. These “Smart Promos” offer significant return on investment (ROI) to your branded material spend. You are adding interactive informational content to branded giveaways.

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Looing for a new twist on your boring promo?

Here it is! Check out this video to see what its all about!


Augmented Reality Smart Promos!

New for 2018!

  • 3d Logo3d logo
  • 3d object3d Object
  • videoVideo

The Augmented Reality Experience

  • Content Factor

    Video, 3D logo, and 3D objects are available describing your next promotion, event, or product launch. The Smart Promo also allows up to 9 unique panels for full color graphic imprinting.

  • Social Media Factor

    Have incentives for recipients to post the above images and creativity on social media accounts utilizing hashtag’s#. This feature is significant as it will gain you additional social media exposure and impressions online.

  • Interaction/Fun Factor

    Once your Smart Promo is scanned a multitude of functionality is available. You can load a fun interactive video, or a logo in 3D appearing to float on your phone. Your end user can manipulate and play with the logo along with taking pictures with it as well.

  • Gift Factor

    Recipient has a tangible item they can retain for years.

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