Upon submitting your online order or executing our Order Acknowledgment, is a conditional authorization by Robert L Promotions to attain our goods and your agreement of our terms and conditions. It could have terms that slightly differ from or add to those contained in your purchase order, should you have one, and to the extent that this is the case, Robert L Promotions hereby expressly conditions its authorization of your offer on Robert L Promotions assent to the additional or different terms. Your receipt and retention of the goods covered by this invoice shall constitute acceptance of any such additional or different terms. You and Robert L Promotions agree that any contract hereby entered into has been made and is to be construed to New Jersey State Law.

Cancellations and Changes to Existing Orders

Once your order has been submitted/or an Order Acknowledgment has been approve we cannot guarantee we can cancel or make any changes to your order. Our team at Robert L Promotions will do everything possible to accommodate your request. If you have already signed your Order Acknowledgment, there will be a charge of $50.00 to cover entry and preparation of your order. Also, you agree to pay any charges that have been agreed upon leading up to your cancelation. This includes but is not limited to, setup charges, and art conversions. All completed work and costs incurred will be the responsibility of the customer. In the event your credit has been charged already, upon cancelation you will be responsible for all credit card fees associated with the order.

Check Policy

A $50.00 fee will be assed for all returned checks.


Robert L Promotions does its best to provide clear and accurate images on our site. However, web site images are inherently limited in their ability to communicate color, scale, and detail. Please do not make any assumptions about the products from the image alone. We encourage you to request a sample of your intended item first, if you choose not to we cannot be held responsible for any deviation from the image as it appears on your monitor and the final product.

Issues and Redos

Please review your order upon receiving it. Robert L Promotions must be notified with all issues within 7 calendar days within receiving your order. All claims must be submitted via email to If possible please send all images of the issue at different angles, we may require you to send us the actual item. Upon receiving the images/item, we will review your claim and will fix the issue and redo the affected part of the order if mandated. If the quantity to be fixed is less than 10% of the order, we reserve the right to give a credit for that amount instead of redoing that portion. Any items that are replaced will ship UPS ground, unless you required expedited shipping which you will be responsible for.

Merchandise Quality

We recommend you order a sample prior to placing a large bulk order. Please note that samples show an example of the item – but the manufacturing deviations are inevitable and a result of the manufacturing. We only utilize 4-5 star suppliers so we are working with the best.. By deciding to order from Robert L Promotions, you are agreeing to accept merchandise with reasonable manufacturing deviations in product material, color and packaging.

Overages and Underage’s

Our suppliers do their best to produce your order to the exact requested quantities, but that’s not always the case due to quality control efforts and quick running machines. Robert L Promotions reserve the right to deliver and thereafter charge or credit, your charge card or account, for up to 10% of the over or under the requested quantity.

Return & Refund Policy

We put our Customers first! It is our goal to have you satisfied! In the event you have an issue with your order please email with your concerns. Claims must be received within 10 calendar days of receiving your order. Robert L Promotions reserves the right to refuse returns. Our Return policy applies to blank orders, printed items are not eligible for returns. After reviewing and accepting your claim, a full or partial refund will be processed within 10 days of returning the goods. A 10% re-stocking fee is applied to all blank returns.

Sales Tax

Robert L Promotions, is required to collect and remit sales tax on purchases in New Jersey unless a valid exemption certificate is provided by the customer. Purchases made outside of New Jersey may be subject to sales and/or use tax. Customers are responsible for determining their sales and use tax liability and remitting such tax to the appropriate state tax agency.

Shipping Charges

We try very hard to charge accurate shipping charges, but sometimes we underestimate. If this does occur we might make a reasonable change to your shipping charges. You can provide us with a shipping account number at any time.

Shipping Issues

Client agrees that it will not hold Robert L Promotions LLC accountable for any issues in delivery caused by acts of God or other issues for which we have no control. Our delivery dates are our best estimates from our suppliers. Robert L Promotions in no way will be liable for any issues or damages in conjunction with deliver dates.

Transfer of Ownership of Merchandise

Upon accepting your delivery – you are the sole owner of the property delivered.


Robert L Promotions assures that all items sold are free of any security interest and will make accessible to you all available transferable warranties made to Robert L Promotions by the manufacturer of the items. Robert L Promotions makes no other express or implied warranties, and specifically makes no implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for purpose.

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