UVC Germicidal Lamp

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Product Description
This is a great custom promotional item for businesses across the board!
Disinfect Effectively and Quickly: Professional UV sterilization lamps can help you solve the disinfection problems in life, and it can be used for disinfection of mobile phones, toys, notebook computers, keyboards, remote controls, cups, toothbrushes, etc. This UV light sterilizer can achieve a full range of antibacterial to ensure that you live in a clean and safe environment to keep away from germs. Easy to use: The UV sanitizer lamp is connected by USB , Just press the on / off button of the UV disinfection light to disinfect and sterilize the place you want Quality and safety assurance: Our UV sterilizer uses high-quality ABS materials and advanced LED lamp beads to ensure obvious sterilization effect and LED UV lamp life. It can completely remove bacteria around you, effectively improve your living environment, and safe to use. Lightweight and portable: The compact design and light weight of this UV Germicidal Lamp makes it very convenient to store in a backpack or suitcase for you to use when traveling or outing. Especially at critical times, the UV-C disinfection light is your personal health expert This UVC Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp is connected via USB. It can be used safely when connected. It can work through the power supply (computer, mobile power, car, etc.) Specification: Wave length: UVC 265-280nm, UVA 395-400nm Product size: 90mm*21mm*10mm Package size: 55mm*25mm*120mm Product weight: 25g Power supply mode: USB 5V interface (such as mobile power, charger and other products) Suggested working time: 1 minute Packing list 1 * UV Light 1 * Instruction sheet Packing info Gift box size: 132mm*52mm*26.5mm MC size: 41cm*33.8cm*29.5cm, 200pcs/MC, 7.6kg
Putting your custom logo on this promotional item will bring great brand awareness. Having imprinted giveaways at your next trade show, event or a party will be a big hit!
If you need any help deciding on the right corporate gift for you please call us now!
Material: ABS
Colors: Black (BLACK C), White (WHITE C)
Dimension: 0.39" D x 2.95" H x 2.95" W

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